Synpromics Ltd

Synpromics is a Biotech company incorporated with a view to develop a series of synthetic promoters that can be used to control genes under a variety of settings. It is envisaged that the products produced by Synpromics will be applied in life science R&D, the conception of novel diagnostic approaches and in the development of gene therapeutics.

It is their mission to be a global leader in synthetic biology; specifically to hope to set the standard in the development of man-made gene regulators and to apply these novel tools in the generation of a new class of diagnostics and therapies. The company was founded in 2010 by Dr Michael Roberts and continues to grow, currently located at Edinburgh's Bioquarter, the technology has been applied to agriculture, industrial biotech, bioprocessing and to gene therapy.

Vascular Biogenics Ltd

VBL Therapeutics is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: VBLT), late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of first in class treatments for cancer.

VBL’s clinical pipeline is based on two distinct, proprietary platform technologies that leverage the body’s natural physiologic and genetic regulatory elements. To date, VBL has developed two programs based on these platforms – an oncology program and an anti-inflammatory program.

The Company’s lead oncology product candidate, VB-111, is a gene-based biologic for solid tumor indications that is initially being developed for recurrent glioblastoma, or rGBM, an aggressive form of brain cancer. On September 2015, VBL reported full Phase 2 data from clinical trial of VB-111 in recurrent Glioblastoma (rGBM) at the European Cancer Conference, meeting the primary endpoint of statistically-significant increase in overall survival.



Adenoviruses were first developed as expression vectors by Dr. Frank Graham and his colleagues at McMaster University. Microbix collaborates extensively with Dr. Graham, who provides access to the leading edge of Ad vector production technology and vector design. They have developed recombinant adenoviruses for gene delivery and vaccine purposes for many years, and benefit from access to technologies such as Dr. Graham's popular AdMax™ Cre-lox/FLP-frt based system for rapid, high-efficiency Ad vector construction


Lentigen is a diversified biologics company focused on the development and commercialization of breakthrough treatments for human disease. Lentiviral vectors (LV), the company's technology platform, are widely recognized by the scientific community as the most efficient method for delivery of genetic sequence information into cells to reprogram their function. The ability to efficiently and stably reprogram mammalian cells has numerous uses in biotechnology and biomedicine, including drug discovery, target validation, biologics manufacturing and cellular therapies.