Human Gene Therapy

Human Gene Therapy

Human Gene Therapy is the definitive peer-reviewed rapid-publication journal covering all aspects of human gene therapy. The Journal publishes scientific papers on original investigations into the transfer and expression of genes in mammals, including humans. The journal is adopted by the European and British Societies of Gene and Cell Therapy as their official journal.

According to the Journal Citation Report from 2011, the journal's impact factor is rated at 4.218.

Human Gene Therapy is the premier, multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of gene therapy. The Journal publishes in-depth coverage of DNA, RNA, and cell therapies by delivering the latest breakthroughs in research and technologies. Human Gene Therapy provides a central forum for scientific and clinical information, including ethical, legal, regulatory, social, and commercial issues, which enables the advancement and progress of therapeutic procedures leading to improved patient outcomes, and ultimately, to curing diseases.

The Journal is divided into three parts. Human Gene Therapy, the flagship, is published 12 times per year.HGT Methods, a bimonthly journal, focuses on the applications of gene therapy to product testing and development. Launching in 2013, the new HGT Clinical Development, a quarterly journal, will serve as a venue for publishing data relevant to the regulatory review and commercial development of cell and gene therapy products.

HGT Methods can be ordered separately for those interested exclusively in methods.

Complete HGT Program coverage includes:

  • Improvements in vector developments
  • Delivery systems
  • Cell therapy
  • Small nucleic acid therapeutics, including RNAi
  • Clinical trials and animal models
  • Pre-clinical animal and in vitro studies to assess the safety of gene and cell therapy products used to support clinical applications
  • Clinical trials including those in which the results are confirmatory or negative
  • Topical issues related to the commercial development of gene and cell therapy products

Human Gene Therapy was voted one of the most influential journals in Biology and Medicine over the last 100 years by the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association.