Synpromics Ltd


Synpromics is a Biotech company incorporated with a view to develop a series of synthetic promoters that can be used to control genes under a variety of settings. It is envisaged that the products produced by Synpromics will be applied in life science R&D, the conception of novel diagnostic approaches and in the development of gene therapeutics.

It is their mission to be a global leader in synthetic biology; specifically to hope to set the standard in the development of man-made gene regulators and to apply these novel tools in the generation of a new class of diagnostics and therapies. The company was founded in 2010 by Dr Michael Roberts and continues to grow, currently located at Edinburgh's Bioquarter, the technology has been applied to agriculture, industrial biotech, bioprocessing and to gene therapy.

Business Philosophy

Their philosophy is to provide custom-made products to their clients. By doing this they can immediately meet their client's needs, supplying a product exactly tailored to each specific application. They further aim to build a range of conditional and tissue-specific promoters that can be widely used by the research community. Ultimately, it is envisaged that Synpromics will be the market leader in the supply of synthetic regulatory systems applicable across a wide range of systems.

Intellectual Property

Synpromics has been incorporated with unique access to proprietary technology aimed at constructing gene control elements specifically active under a plethora of conditions. It is the shear breadth of the application of this technology makes Synpromics so competitive. The technology is broadly applicable over the biotech arena and as such we anticipate numerous opportunities to partner with large pharmaceutical companies. Synpromics also recognises the importance of establishing an effective R&D program in order to improve on its platform and to conceive of new technologies to bring the company forward. It is for this reason that significant effort has been placed in the development of a highly-motivated team dedicated to achieving the full potential of Synpromics.