Synpromics Ltd

Synpromics is a Biotech company incorporated with a view to develop a series of synthetic promoters that can be used to control genes under a variety of settings. It is envisaged that the products produced by Synpromics will be applied in life science R&D, the conception of novel diagnostic approaches and in the development of gene therapeutics.

It is their mission to be a global leader in synthetic biology; specifically to hope to set the standard in the development of man-made gene regulators and to apply these novel tools in the generation of a new class of diagnostics and therapies. The company was founded in 2010 by Dr Michael Roberts and continues to grow, currently located at Edinburgh's Bioquarter, the technology has been applied to agriculture, industrial biotech, bioprocessing and to gene therapy.

Synpromics: Scotland’s Latest Biotech Company

Edinburgh, United Kingdom 10th September, 2010. Synpromics announces its incorporation as Scotland’s latest biotech company. The new company aims to focus its activities in the area of synthetic mammalian biology and has acquired a number of patent applications that arose out of inventions by its founder and managing director; Dr Michael Leslie Roberts.