Gene Therapy Conferences

The following gene therapy societies organise conferences on an annual basis:

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy - Raises and distributes funds for scientific research into the causes, treatment and prevention of all types of cancer, utilizing cells and genes as medicines.

American Society of Gene Therapy - Organization dedicated to promoting gene therapy research through public education, scientific meetings and scientific committees targeting specific therapeutic areas and also vector technology.

Australasian Gene Therapy Society - Society that aims to facilitate the growth and development of the field of gene therapy in Australasia.

Austrian Network for Gene Therapy - Multidiscipliniary working group aimed at bringing together scientists, clinicians and industry active in the field of gene therapy.

British Society of Gene Therapy - UK society that aims to accelerate scientific progress and promote ethical and thorough transfer of gene- and cell-based technologies from the laboratory into the clinic.

European Society for Gene and Cellular Therapy - ESGCT - Organises annual meetings in Europe to promote gene therapy research.

Finnish Gene Therapy Society - Fosters the exchange of ideas between research groups and individual scientists, organizes scientific meetings and training courses and informs general public about basic aspects and recent developments in gene therapy.

Société Francophone de Thérapie Cellulaire et Génique (SFTCG) - French society of cell and gene therapy.

International Society for Cancer Gene Therapy - Society that aims to foster international scientific collaboration between scientists and clinicians in cell and gene therapies of cancer.

Irish Society for Gene and Cell Therapy - Promotes gene therapy research in Ireland.

The Israeli Society of Gene Therapy - A medical research society which promotes studies in the field of gene therapy and holds annual conferences.

The Japan Society of Gene Therapy - Facilitates interdisciplinary gene therapy research through close co-operation between investigators conducting experimental studies and investigators engaged in clinical studies.

Korean Society for Gene Therapy - Promotes gene therapy research in Korea.

Swedish Society for Gene Therapy - Promotes basic and clinical research in gene therapy in Sweden and Europe.

Turkish Society for Gene Therapy - Promotes gene therapy research in Turkey.