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By publishing in the Gene Therapy Review (GTR) authors agree that Copyright to their work (including, without limitation, the right to publish the work in whole or in part in any and all forms and media, now or hereafter known) is transferred to the GTR. However, each of the authors and the employers for whom the work was performed reserve all other rights, specifically including the following:

All proprietary rights other than copyright and the publication rights transferred to GTR.

The right to publish in a journal or collection or to be used in future works of the author's own (such as articles or books) all or part of this work, provided that acknowledgement is given to the GTR and a full citation to its publication in the particular proceedings is included.

The right to make oral presentation of the material in any forum.

The right to make copies of the work for internal distribution within the author's organization and for external distribution as a preprint, reprint, technical report, or related class of document. In the case of a work prepared under a government contract, if the contract so requires, that government may reproduce all or portions of the article and may authorize others to do so, for official government purposes only.

Authors should be also be aware of the following conditions:

Authors agree that submitted articles to the GTR will be submitted to various abstracting, indexing and archiving services as selected by the GTR.

Authors can 'self-archive' their articles in digital form at their personal homepages or their institutions' archives provided that they link back to the original URL of publication in the Gene Therapy Review.

Upon acceptance of an article authors will be given a hard copy of these terms to sign and send to the GTR.