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Gene Therapy Review Announces EBSCO Publishing Deal

The Gene Therapy Review announces its new partnership with EBSCOhost, an agreement that will see its content distributed worldwide in a multitude of libraries. Articles submitted to the Gene Therapy Review will now also be directly available in school, college, university, hospital, governmental, corporate and public libraries.

Recent news in development of gene therapy drugs

The year 2009 was quite turbulent for gene therapy companies, with lay-offs, bankruptcies and general financial crisis. Earlier 2008 FDA refused US based Introgen’s Biologics License application (1) and during 2009 now bankrupt Introgen sold it’s GMP facilities and other remaining assets to Vivante GMP Solutions, ceasing to exist as gene therapy company. Similarly other gene therapy companies have had difficulties on getting their products to the market, especially with the economic crisis hindering their financing.


eCTD Press Release from Diamond BioPharm

Diamond BioPharm Limited, announce a cutting edge first. As well as the submission of a Marketing Application for a Gene Therapy Product in December 2009 - on behalf of Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics, a leading company in the development of gene-based therapies - the dossier is also in eCTD format. Maureen Graham, founder of Diamond BioPharm Limited said that it was a major achievement for both companies and is both proud and honoured that Diamond BioPharm Limited has had an opportunity to be part of this innovative project.

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